Thursday, May 15, 2014

Create Your Own Perfume Workshop

L Solomon  5

It was a great time at Lauren Solomon’s birthday party in Newport Beach, California.  Last night there were 18 guests that had the experience of food, fashion, fragrance, and fun.

"Create Your Own Perfume" workshop

During my “Create Your Own Perfume” Workshop everyone was able to learn about the top, middle, and base notes.   I led an “Aromatic Journey” with the essential oils, absolutes, and accords and explained how long they last on the body and the attributes of the oils. Then everyone went into a creative mode and  designed their own natural perfume.

LSolomon 2

A festive evening ended with many smiles and laughter filling the room.  

I am available for birthday parties, fund raisers, corporate events, bridal parties, etc. Women and men enjoy the experience of mixing their own fragrances. Please call or send an email to inquire for pricing and availability.