Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day!

Would you love an exotic parfum in a hand blown glass bottle for Mother's Day?
Take a look at our More Life Collection parfums

The Limited Edition Collection Bottles

The Limited Edition Collection Bottles
or our Limited Edition Collection parfums.

1 oz bottles

Perhaps you would like an eau de parfum to  spritz on when you are getting dressed.  We have a number of collections to choose from depending on your tastes…classic florals, florientals, modern botanicals, sensuous florals, and incense resins.
Every fragrance classification is addressed in our collections.  Do you like vintage oils…and fragrances that use the raw materials that were once in the classic dept. store fragrances of yester year? Try the Intimacy from the More Life Collection and the Camille from the French Collection for the classic chypre style fragrance.  My perfumes have a French classic feel to them and you will sense you have gone back to the hey day of Paris.  Try the Royal and French Collection eau de parfums under the Collections tab.

French Flacon

If you love the French flacons with the dauber that held Chanel 5, try the parfum version with the organic jojoba oil base.  You will not be disappointed.
Enjoy your Mother’s Day!  You deserve it!  Free samples are included with every order.